MidTown Art Alley

90ft of 8ft(h) mural walls. Mural painting practice space. Hours: 9am-7pm

Located on private property in Bend’s midtown residential neighborhood.
Build your mural portfolio. Paint a mural, take a picture of it. Whitewash it & paint another mural & take a picture of it.
It is a great space to practice mural techniques. Things like scaling up your work, adapting your materials & artistic style to increase speed. You don’t want to paint a large wall for a month. Large murals are normally painted in 3 to 10 days. Remember it’s just paint. Outdoor murals are a temporary art form.
Art alley walls range from 15ft to 50ft in length.
Artists provide all their own paint. Including the whitewash primer prep coat.

Robertson House
471 NE Greeley Ave.
Bend, OR
Mural walls in SW Corner of the property.

Artists must reserve time & space before beginning to paint. Hours: 9am-7pm.
Respect the neighborhood.
No splattering paint into neighbors yards.
No smoking.
No loud music. Use your headphones.
Don’t make a huge mess.
Clean up after yourself & take all your garbage with you when you leave. Park on the street.

Walls & resources to paint large public murals are scarce & hard to find. Building your mural portfolio will increase the potential of getting the opportunity to paint a large mural project in a highly visible location. Organizations are hesitant to commit prime public wall space & resources to inexperienced muralists.

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